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  • My Brain: Hmm . . . so I'm giving her how much for food?
  • My Brain: Yeah, some bread . . .
  • My Brain: Add some beans . . .
  • My Brain: . . . ugh, what else? She needs a third thing-
  • My Brain: Oh! I got it!
  • Out Loud: JAM! I'LL GIVE HER JAM!
  • Out Loud/Brain: . . . did I just say that out loud?

All This and Heaven Too: creative process meme!


i originally thought up these questions for writers, but then i realized that they can really apply to anything - artists, composers, whatever. idk about you guys but i love to talk about my process so yeah

  • red: is it hard for you to think up new ideas? list…

I’m just going to go ahead and answer these, because I need to take a break and I need a distraction from my aching ribs. (Stupid bras, squeezing my ribs …)

I strongly advise that you open the original post and look off of it, because I’m not covering what the questions were in my responses. Sorry!

  • Red: It depends on how big an idea I need. If I need a whole flipping novel idea, that might take a while. It took forever to get Chant to the point where I was ready to write about it, and Project: Kateisha is taking forever because all I had, really, was a very small idea that I’m now trying to make larger. But if it’s a smaller idea, like fanfiction, than it’s easier. My biggest influences are visual artwork, music, and my own random musings.
  • Orange: These days when I get inspired, I whip out my nook and write the idea down in Evernote. I actually have a whole tag designated for ideas, and I have … let me pull it up … fourteen notes. Four of them are just banks where I write ideas for whatever category it fits under (Original work, certain fandoms, specific works, etc.) Some of these notes are actually separate ideas for certain things, for example, I wrote down an idea for the opening scene for Chant that I have yet to install. It’s a good system.
  • Yellow: Oh gosh, writing blocks are scary. Thankfully I haven’t been in one for a while, because I was doing Crisis Week and new fandom ideas and other stuff. But when I get them … ugh. Usually that’s a matter of diving into fanfiction, because that’s always easy to write, or sticking to smut. …I apologize to any family that read that. If worse comes to worst, I read other people’s work for ideas, experiment with prompts, and find new music.

I would just like to take this moment to say: there is no comfortable way to sit when your ribcage is suffering from choking via bra. I’m not even wearing a bra and it hurts.

…I apologize to all sensitive people who just read that.

  • Green: Oh god, I could write a whole post about this. Remind me to make a list of stuff for me to talk about, okay? Well … fleshing out an idea. I’ve been doing this with Project: Kateisha for around a week now, and I really started fleshing it out by taking every element I liked in it and questioning them. Then I just figured, “What do I need to add to make it flow?” and sort of figured out more from there. Right now I’m working on characters, although I need to start working on the outline soon …!
  • Blue: I am very odd about character development. It’s like, I must know everything about my characters. For example, I’ve put so much time into Chant's characters that I know more about them than about the story. For example, I can tell  you that Dilanna hated Victorian-Era skirts and therefore disguised herself as a man for the majority of the century. Yeah. That's how deep I get into character development. Oh, and metaphors and similes. John Green's Looking for Alaska. His metaphors makes me wish I was a better writer.
  • Indigo: Let me just describe it for you: water bottle, random pen, knitting, plushies, books, sewing needle, pencil, two new books, my nook, a journal, a book called A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink, dishclothes, and a bag of stuffing on the floor. My desktop: Chrome is up with four tags: tumblr, the original post I’m reblogging, my post-editing tag, and youtube. I also have Evernote open and Skype. This is just the stuff on and around my desk. My workspace is a mess.

Anybody mind if I put some random commentary here? No? Okay. Read Daniel Pink’s A Whole New Mind and John Green’s Looking for Alaska. Not only are they great books, but it’s fun to add ‘in your pants’ to them. A Whole New Mind in your pants … Looking for Alaska in your pants … it makes me wish my titles were as good, because Chant in your pants, while odd, isn’t as funny.

  • Violet: I have some very peculiar work habits - or at least I think I do. So I’ll just answer the questions. First off, do I eat while I work: no. I’m a germaphobe (like … MAJORLY), and eating and typing is gross. Also, my keyboard is nasty enough. Do I need music: YES. Music is my muse. Am I messy or- …we don’t need to cover this. Do I keep a notebook: does my Evernote notebook called “Writing Projects” count, because if so, yes. I also have a notebook I take to school, but it’s summer, so HA. How long can I work for a time: well, considering I spent the majority of daylight yesterday working on Project: Kateisha, a while. I’m actually at a point in my life where I NEED work, so working on Project: Kateisha and my fanfiction helps. Anything else … OH. Normally I need a drink. Either water or Sprite. I used to drink Coke, but due to medical reasons, I stopped.
  • Silver: That’s … a good question. Probably the revisions, to be honest, as well as the fact that I underestimate my work sometimes. A lot of people think that, though and I’m getting better! The key is just not reading it until you are SURE you’re done the first draft.
  • Gold: Starting. Starting is the easiest thing for me, as long as I’m enthusiastic.
  • Black: The hardest part of the creative process? I don’t think there is a hard part in general.
  • White: My favorite part is EVERYTHING.

Jeeze, look at it rain. We haven’t had rain in a while, and we’ve needed it, but goodness. It’s pouring out there.

  • Rainbow: Artists steal. And Austin Kleon is one of my idols, so I have a feeling that the answer to this would be a No.
  • Brown: I need to publish and feel good about it until I feel truly proud, but I’m beginning to get into the habit of being proud as long as I like it.
  • Pink: Getting to create and getting to know that you’re reaching an audience is one of the best parts of being an artist. That is the number one reason the internet is wonderful: you can reach an audience. That is … if people are watching you.
  • Magenta: I don’t like to hear people whine about their abilities, because often times, that person is actually an astoundingly good writer (like the person I reblogged this from!) Also, I wish YouTube had an auto-repeat button so I didn’t have to stop working to change the music.

DONE. *sigh*

I’m tired and I need to get back to work, but I will come back later and try to make a post about stuff I need to talk about, because that list is coming in at A Lot. So stay tuned!

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…  hmm …

… ever have that strange feeling that you’re being watched …?

Oh! That’s because I am being watched! By new people, in fact!

There’s too many people that have started following me in the past few weeks, either from Crisis Week or other things, so I’m just going to give a big shout out and say a quick thing about myself:

I call myself T.J., and this is the area where I post my musings about writing. Sometimes I post excerpts from my series, Chant, and sometimes I merely post short stories. I also participate in NaNoWriMo and will be partaking in August’s Camp NaNo this year. I haven’t been published, but I have written several novels, some of them horrible, others better. I hope on publishing my series and becoming a novelist, because I’m a creative mind and I cannot stop creating.

It’s nice to meet y’all! Leave something in the ask if you want to talk or ask me questions, and I hope we can be friends!


It’s been a question on my mind lately. One of the biggest problem for creative people is finding inspiration. Call it what you like - the muse, the creative spark, etc., but it’s elusive.

There are tons of ways to approach this. Chuck Wendig, the author of terribleminds, doesn’t believe in the muse - his method is just to sit down and write. Alisa Burke at her blog here recently did a free class about finding the muse in what’s around you - not the internet, but your environment. Her class is called, “Finding Your Muse”. Search it on her blog if you really want to see it - as it was her intent for it to be for those who follow her blog loyally, I feel a little uncomfortable posting it! Regardless, those are two ways that two artists find their creative places. There are so many ways under the sun, and no two ways are alike.

What about me? My biggest source of inspiration online is in roleplaying with my friend. Yep, we’re typical teens with our stories, but we enjoy it, and it’s a good exercise for both of us. It helps me get my creative juices flowing especially. The biggest source when I’m not on the internet is when I’m walking outside. I live thirty minutes from my high school, so as one can imagine, it leaves a lot of time for thinking. There’s also a park that is a twenty-minute drive from my town, so in spring through the fall, I walk through the woods and look around. It’s a great way for me to stop and root through my brain, because often times, I’ll come up with ideas I never would have gotten in front of a computer screen.

So … what are other people’s methods? Well, I dunno. It’s an interesting question to consider. Who knows? I’m wondering if I should do some research to figure out. I’m sure that there are ways that haven’t been published in a book or on a blog, or even talked about. Everybody has different ways. So why not share them together?

Hmm … questions, questions. For now, however, it’s another thing tickling at my brain. Where will this go? Who knows.


I know I haven’t necessarily been posting much, BUT! I will have a flash fiction piece edited tonight, so I’m going to try and put that up. Besides that, I’ve been busy, and I have a rampant idea going on in my head, so that means I should be in a good-kind-of-busy mood this weekend!


Eugh. Mleh. Blech…..


You know, sometimes I feel like I have to justify myself in this. Because I try - I really do! - and it just doesn’t get done. And it’s for a lot of different reasons. Most of which, admittedly, fall on me to change.

So, what are these reasons?

1. I haven’t been able to connect to any good writing tumblrs out there. I cannot tell you how irritating that is! I would love to get in touch with some blogs about writing, and I cannot! I got terribleminds, but that’s about it. Must. Be. Connected. Must see more! There’s got to be a writing community on tumblr, right? Right.

2. It’s a terrible excuse that gets worse the more you use it. I’ve been B-U-S-Y. I’m managing seven classes in school, which starts at eight. My room’s cold every morning, and I’m pretty sure it’s the reason I struggle to get out of bed, because I don’t like leaving my warm covers. I have enough assignments that I’ve been trying to deal with that by the time I”m getting home, I’m pretty tired. I’m trying to connect with my brother at home, because we’ve had a real chance to connect, and since we’re not that close normally, I feel like it’s important to be able to connect with him. My dad’s going to be gone for a week and a half more in a SUMMER IN AUSTRALIA (I will never let him live that down, it’s cold here!), and between all of that and my mom’s schedule….I crawl onto my computer chair and all I want to do is slip on my headphones and fall asleep, which leads to the final excuse:

3. I just … haven’t been writing.


So. How am I going to take care of this? Well, I can start by peeling my eyes open for more writing stuff on tumblr! That’s a no brainer. I can perhaps make my writing list more in sight, because I have stuff that I want to write, and haven’t. The busy part … well, little I can do about that.

So, how’s that? I promise I’ll update more here, but right now, I’m just trying to look around and go, “Is it safe yet???” Kind of a weird thing, but I’m figuring stuff out. Not a big deal. Just trying to make sure I get everything done!

Writing needs to be done. Tumblrs need to be found. Sleep needs to be gained. And then … then I will be on track.


So tired, and I have a full week ahead of me. I have things to type up, an article to edit, a field trip to attend, a doctor’s appointment …

I won’t get much rest, huh?


Yet another post for one of Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenges! This time, he said to write something in the present tense with 1000 words or less. Well, I did that pretty easily … truth be told, I wrote a different fic about trench warfare, but it’s currently got me wondering how I could write something THAT dark … so I’m going to rework it and post this instead!

Truth be told (and since I know somebody will ask), yes, this comes from experience. It’s long over and done though, so just enjoy the fic!

Word Count: 369

Story written by Tamera Janneff. Do not copy, reproduce, or claim work as your own for monetary reasons. I’m okay with reblogging, though. *smile* 

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A word to the wise:  if you’re going to be writing a lab report, make sure you have all the papers involved with the lab with you. I only brought home my template and forgot the lab information at school. Now I have to wait until Tuesday to get back to work on it.

…that’s my bad…

  • Right Side of My Brain: Hey, Leftie?
  • Left Side of My Brain: Yeah, Rightie?
  • Rightie: I'm bored.
  • Leftie: Me too.
  • Rightie: Hey, I've got an idea! How about we edit that story we were gonna edit three weeks ago?
  • Leftie: Hmm . . . I see. And post it on tumblr?
  • Rightie: Yeah!
  • Leftie: Well, that sounds absolutely splendid. Shall we, then?
  • Rightie: We shall!